Welcome to Vision Gaming Network a place you can call home. VGN is run by gamers, for gamers. Above all else, gaming should be fun, and if you’re not having fun, were not doing it right. Gaming has changed since the Vision Network was set up back in 2002, its not a niche past-time for the young anymore, it’s a mainstream, more socially acceptable one. One where strangers become your friends, and your friends become your rivals. With us it’s about being a community that you enjoy being around and you want to return to.

Our current race day is Monday at 20.30 GMT, party invites are generally sent out at 20:15 on the night, if you haven’t been invited and want to be in try and join GTR Donk but make sure you have signed up on our forums.

How to join us

It really is quick and easy to join us simply visit the forums and sign up to them

Get yourself a race number here
Apply to the series sign up thread

Recieve an invite or join one of our admins on the night

Our Current Series

We are currently running a Clio V6 Cup

Visit our forums for more details