Clio Cup Season 2 Rules

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Clio Cup Season 2 Rules

Postby GTR Donk » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:54 pm

Please ensure you have thoroughly read and are familiar with the race rules for this event
Car Setups Please be aware that only 5 or 6-speed gearboxes are allowed to be used for this series
Teams We are allowing teams of 3 sign up for this series, this, however, changes how the points are awarded in the team championship rather than the points of each driver being added together it is now the average points over the night earned by all drivers in your team, this is to bring the team championship closer together.
Event Lobby The lobby for this event will be open no later than 20:15 GMT on the evening of the event. Drivers are reminded that although every effort will be made to send invites, it is the responsibility of each driver to ensure they are connected in a good time.
Race Length The length of each round is listed in the race schedule for this event
Weather Depending on the track we will be setting the likely hood of rain to match that of the location of the track in real life on the day of the race. We will be posting this up on the day of the race so that you can see what the chances are of the weather changing will be. This is to add something different to what we race on the night.
Qualifying Qualifying for this event will start no later than 20:30 GMT on the evening of the race
Qualifying will be a total of 4 Lap
Qualifying weather conditions will be the same as the weather conditions in the first race of the event.
The results of qualifying will decide the grid for the first race of each round.
Race The first race of each round will start no later than 21:00 GMT of the evening of the event.
Starting order for the race 1 will be based on the result of the qualifying session.
Starting order for the race 2 will be a reverse top 10.
Race 2 in each round will have a mandatory pitstop. We will give pit windows on the night of the race. Failure to take the pitstop will result in disqualification
Starting order for the race 3 will be full reverse grid from race 2
Standard race rules will apply to all races
All races will be a standard start
A 5-minute end timer will be used for each round, if you do not finish the race within the 5 minutes you will be given your finishing position points as long as you are still on track when the timer ends
Safety Car Standard VSC rules will apply
The race will restart in grid order if an incident triggers a VSC before the start of the second lap.
The race will restart in race order if an incident triggers a VSC at any point after this.
VSC speed limit is 62mph (100kph)
Connection Issues Any driver who is disconnected after the driver in 1st place has finished the race will be awarded the last place
A driver who disconnects at any other point will be awarded a DNF for that race and should expect to start at the back of the grid for the next race.
Track Limits Forza track limits need to be followed, the driver must have 2 wheels on the race track at all times. Drivers are reminded to respect these at all times.
Assists Please note that both TCS and STC are forced off for this series

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